Longzi Lake

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Located in the eastern suburb of Bengbu, Longzi Lake Scenic Area is composed of Longzi Lake, Xuehua Mountain, Caoshan Mountain, Xilu Mountain and Zhuizi Mountain. Covering an area of eleven square miles, with over one third of it being the water area, Longzi Lake Scenic Area is famous for breathtaking natural scenery as well as rich historical relics.

Longzi Lake has an indented coastline and deep water. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides. The undulating Zhuizi Mountain and Caoshan Mountain lie on the eastern coast. To the west, Meihua Mountain and Xuehua Mountain are covered with patches of green trees. To the south, there are nine channels which are the source of Longzi Lake.

Moreover, Longzi Lake Scenic Area has many historical relics such as an ancient gingko tree from the Tang Dynasty (618-907), the tomb of Tang He (a great general in Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644)), Xiyan Temple relic and Linglong Pagoda Relic.

Activities near Longzi Lake

Chao Lake: Old name for Jiaohu Lake, the Chao Lake gained its present name for the shape like a b